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Rethink Your Life Toolkit
This Inspiring Toolkit is Packed Full of Goodies:
  • 7 step system with the 7 questions you must ask yourself to create a career & life (YOUR life) with more balance, fulfillment, purpose and joy. 
  • THE 3 mistakes to avoid if you're considering a career change. Plus bonus mistake #4.
  • An empowering tool to use TODAY to create more life balance. 
  • 30 pages to inspire you - get unstuck now! 
  • Don't know where to start re-assessing your life? Start right here. Stop googling alternative careers and instead learn a logical 7 step system that your brain will love.
  • Be guided by a leading leadership & career coach.
  • Understand your very next step.... and commit to take it!
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"It can be scary when you feel trapped or 'at sea' in your own life. You know deep down you need to make a change but you don't what or where to start. I know - my first career was a FTSE 100 Tax Director, and I was stressed and unhappy. With my Rethink Your Life Toolkit, you'll quickly understand a simple system to use for your exploration, the mistakes to avoid if you're considering a career change and how to create more balance. Plus, you'll know what your very next step is. Start now and get one step closer to living the life you are meant to live. Get more joy!"  
Jo Maughan, Founder, YourThinkingPartner and Rethink your Life
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